Auction House Essen


Auktionen im Versteigerungslokal
ehem. Volkswagen Autohaus
Germaniastraße 160
45355 Essen


Please inform yourself on the website of the auctioneer Ms. Poddey regarding times for visits and the start of the auction:

Start of the auction

Please note that the auction location has been changed due to the currently circulating Corona Virus.
In addition, we would like to point out that participation in the auction is only possible if you have registered in advance. You can do this directly on the website of the auctioneer Ms. Poddey:
Please note that the auction of technology and jewelry takes place separately in order to divide visitors into groups.
For further information please refer to the menu item "Customer information"




Date Day Branch office’s pawn officer
22.09.2020 Tuesday
07.10.2020 Wednesday
20.10.2020 Tuesday
03.11.2020 Tuesday
04.11.2020 Wednesday
17.11.2020 Tuesday
08.12.2020 Tuesday
09.12.2020 Wednesday
15.12.2020 Tuesday