Auction House Duisburg


Auktionen im Versteigerungslokal
Rhein Ruhr Saal
Im Holtkamp 60
47167 Duisburg


from 7:30 a.m.

Start of the auction

from 9 o'clock

Please note that the auction location has been changed due to the currently circulating Corona Virus.
From June 18. until July 9, 2020, the auctioneer Mr. Keuchel will hold the auctions on his behalf. Therefore, please note the highlights on Mr. Keuchel's page.
In addition, we would like to point out that participation in the auction is only possible if you have registered in advance. You can register directly by email with the auctioneer Ms. Hoffmann: or with Mr. Keuchel:

For further information please refer to the menu item "Customer information"




Date Day Branch office’s pawn officer
22.07.2020 Wednesday
06.08.2020 Thursday
13.08.2020 Thursday
20.08.2020 Thursday
26.08.2020 Wednesday
03.09.2020 Thursday
17.09.2020 Thursday
23.09.2020 Wednesday
07.10.2020 Wednesday
08.10.2020 Thursday
22.10.2020 Thursday
11.11.2020 Wednesday
12.11.2020 Thursday
03.12.2020 Thursday
09.12.2020 Wednesday