Germany’s largest private pawn brokerage institute

Our Locations:


Did you know that the Hamburg-Altona district (where one of our pawnshops is located) was named after a pub? The name comes from “All too close” because the pub was so close to the outskirts of the city.


Our pawn shop in Dortmund is located right in the city centre, so we are easy to find and easy to reach, even on foot.


Even in Gelsenkirchen life is not all about football. Our Gelsenkirchen branch is located in the city centre; we look forward to seeing you!


In Essen we are represented three times. You will find us in Essen-Mitte, -West and -Altenessen. Thus we offer you a huge selection and competent service in Essen.


With our two branches in Duisburg, we are well distributed. You can find our branches in down town Duisburg and in Hamborn. You can easily find us in the city centre, right at the Königsgalerie.


There is hardly anything more central than in Düsseldorf. The first branch is located directly at Düsseldorf’s main railway station and the other is in the middle of the city centre.


Our branch office in Cologne is also located in the middle of the city centre. Three minutes’ walk from the Neumarkt Gallery, where you can also admire the artwork “Dropped cone”.


In addition to the impressive skyline, Frankfurt also has a beautiful city centre. And that’s where you’ll find our pawn shop! Another one is located directly at the main train station.


We have also settled in the beautiful streets of Munich. Easy to reach at the north and south main train station and in Munich Schwabing.

Pawnshops at 9 locations

Welcome to Grüne’s Pawn Shops – the specialist for pawn brokerage since 1932.

We will be happy to help you bridge short-term financial bottlenecks by depositing a pledge. Our competent staffs in the branches evaluate your item professionally in order to extend you a fair loan amount. Quick, easy, discreet and immediate cash!

We are represented in 9 cities with our 22 branches and are very close to you.

With us you can pledge gold and silver jewellery, diamonds, bars, coins, watches and other valuable jewellery. We also lend art products, musical instruments and, if not too old, kitchen appliances, household appliances, consumer electronics (television, audio and hi-fi, consoles, video…), mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and accessories and much more…. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure whether you can lend your item or if you would like to obtain information about the amount of the loan.

Please attend one of our auctions at your convenience. Whether jewellery, cameras, laptops or mobile phones – with us you will find high-quality objects at great prices! to the auctions